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WGU 15th Anniversary Celebration Event Video

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WGU 15th Anniversary Celebration Event Video
Western Governors University
Video of the WGU 15th Anniversary Celebration Event. Order of speakers: 11:30 - Dr. Robert Mendenhall; 23:48 - The Honorable Roy Romer – Key founding Governor of Colorado; 29:08 - The Honorable Jim Geringer – Founding Governor of Wyoming, current Board Chairman of WGU; 34:07 - Sam Smith – President Emeritus of Washington State University, original WGU Board of Trustee member, still on the board; 37:05 - Bill Simmons – WGU's Washington, D.C. lobbyist 41:08 - Chip Johnstone – First WGU Provost/Chief Academic Officer; 46:20 - Max Farbman – WGU fund-raiser in the early years; 49:09 - Tim McEwen – Executive at Thomson Learning, provided key early funding/partnership for WGU; 54:18 - Janet Schnitz – Second Dean of the Teachers College, Provost – key academic leader at WGU; 1:00:29 - Bill Hansen – Was United States Deputy Secretary of Education instrumental in providing $10 million in funding to start the WGU Teachers College; 1:04:39 - The Honorable Mike Leavitt – Key founding Governor of Utah, later United States Secretary of Health and Human Services – more than anyone else responsible for WGU success. At 1:04:03, the video cuts out. This is where the "WGU 15th Anniversary Best Wishes Video" was played.
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