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WGU Graduate Speaker, Annajean Ramirez

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WGU Graduate Speaker, Annajean Ramirez
Western Governors University
<p>WGU Graduate Annajean Ramirez spoke at the WGU Master's Commencement in Seattle, Washington.</p> <p>Annajean Ramirez earned her Master of Science, Nursing Education degree.</p> <p>Transcript of video:</p> <p>Annajean Ramirez: Thank you, Dr. Drake. I know you’re expecting a young, smart, charming individual, like myself, to dole out a sappy speech. That’s only half of the truth. I’m here because of you, because I can’t think of a more vivid, more courageous graduating class. I mean, look at all of us wearing our robes. Usually when you’re wearing a robe at ten in the morning, it means you’ve given up. [Laughter] </p> <p>Good morning, WGU faculty, students, alumni, family, and friends. Thank you for being here. I am Anna Ramirez, and I’m honored to have been chosen to help celebrate our commencement day. My story, I’m sure, is like many of yours. I am a girl from a small town who has big dreams. I was raised by a single mom who worked her bum off to make ends meet. I am a first-generation college graduate. [Applause] I am blessed to be able to homeschool my two children. I am a loving wife and a labor nurse. My life, as all of yours, is dedicated to caring for others. I would not have made it through this program if it weren’t for my faith. </p> <p>As a nurse, I can truly say that we see miracles daily. We help bring life into this world and we help life leave with dignity. We are the people who care for minor injuries, hold the hands of worried loved ones, cry tears of joy with positive outcomes, and tears of grief with negative ones. All while maintaining a full bladder for 12 hours. [Laughter] Nursing is not easy, but it is worth it. Behind any successful nurse is the strong sense of self and an even stronger support system. </p> <p>I’d like to recognize some important people in my life starting with my husband, Jesus. Thank you for distracting our kids when I needed to do homework and for all the times that you’ve taken our kids to taekwondo to let me study. I reluctantly thank you that despite me mustering up my best puppy dog eyes and asking you to write my papers for me, you told me no. [Laughter] As broken hearted as I may have been, I know it was the right thing. Thank you. I love you. </p> <p>To my amazing children, Gabriel and Natalie, I love you. You are my best friends. If there is anything you learn from my I hope it is to love, to respect yourselves, to learn, and to give. Most of all, I hope you never want to leave home because Dad and I have already drafted up blueprints for a basement apartment. [Laughter] </p> <p>Also, please allow me to offer a quick thanks to my parents, family, friends, and mentors who have believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Let’s take a moment to applaud WGU. Competency based, self-paced, online education? Please, and thank you. [Applause] Not to mention, the awesome mentor system WGU has in place. I do not know how I would have made it through if it weren’t for my mentors. Their compassion and enthusiasm have inspired me to want to be that go-to person for future students. </p> <p>Fortunately, with the master’s degree that I have earned from WGU, I can do just that. I look forward to being able to teach and mentor future nurses. I’m excited to be able to remind students that they are stars, without focusing on the darkness that surrounds us. I am going to make a difference by reminding others that they make a difference. After all, practicing selflessness is the best thing we can do for ourselves. </p> <p>You guys, we did it! Please be proud of yourselves. Please never doubt what you are capable of. Be as compassionate as the night nurse that administers seven o’clock meds before the end of their shifts. Moving forward and leaders and educators, remember what it was like to be a student. Continue to grow and never stop seeking opportunities to learn. </p> <p>Graduates, I want to congratulate each one of you. And I’d also like to offer a small piece of advice, even though as a class we are smart, we are still allowed to say I don’t know. And just because we are in high demand, doesn’t mean we can’t say, "Let me get back to you." This will come in handy on our next day off when our family askes us when we’re getting out of bed. "I don’t know. Let me get back to you." [Laughter] Congratulations, Western Governors University Class of 2018. [Applause]</p>
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