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WGU Graduate Speaker, Chevon Wallace, Summer 2010

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WGU Graduate Speaker, Chevon Wallace, Summer 2010
Western Governors University
<p>Chevon Wallace earned herBachelor of Science, Business Management degree. On July 17, 2010 Wallace was a graduate speaker at the Summer 2010 WGU Commencement. This WGU Commencement took place at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah.</p> <p>Transcription of video:</p> <p>Good morning everyone. I would like to thank WGU for this opportunity. It's an honor and a privilege that I'm truly grateful for. I'd like to say congratulations to all the graduates of the class of 2010 and that after all of our hard work, perseverance, bouncing back from failure, and no small measure of dedication, we made it! [Applause] </p> <p>Over 22 years ago, I left high school. A battle with lung cancer at the age of 17, and poor grades were factors in me not graduating. I eventually got my high school diploma at the age of 30 years old and am now graduating from college at the age of almost 40. [Applause]</p> <p>Like many, I had hopes, dreams, and aspirations and then one day I realized that I had been hit by a tornado called life. My life's road has taken many twists, crossed many forks, and had lots of curves. It often reminds me of the yellow brick road Dorothy experienced during her journey on her way to Oz.</p> <p>While traveling through this twister, I fell into real life, where choices and decisions needed to be made. A far away land where dreams and aspirations are put on hold. "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."</p> <p>Many of us are no longer in our teens, 20s, and 30s, some of us are full time employees, not just full time students. Others are full time parents, grandparents, caregivers and guardians. Many of us are head of household or the only head in our household. Most of us are focused on a second career because the first career is no longer valid. We have reached the fork in our yellow brick road, not knowing which direction to take or how to get back where we came from. Where are those Munchkins when you need them?</p> <p>Just as courage, heart, and knowledge helped Dorothy to reach Oz, our courage and our heart, and the knowledge we gained here at WGU helped us to achieve success. And we're all here today to be recognized for this accomplishment. When I began the journey of earning my college degree, WGU was truly my saving grace and the answer to my prayers. I had over 12 years of management experience and had been running my own business for four years. I was working tirelessly to meet my clients' expectations and to grow my business.</p> <p>I knew there had to be a school that will work for me, one that would accept the college credits I had already earned, where the coursework will be based on what I needed to know, not just basic and general subjects; where my professional and life experience can be used and applied to complete the requirements. I did not have two hours, three nights a week for three months to dedicate to a traditional college and earn a few credits for one course.</p> <p>Unlike traditional colleges and other online schools, WGU had a great reputation, offered the flexibility I needed, and met all my needs at an affordable price. I am glad I chose this great school to provide the knowledge I was seeking. I am happy I had the heart to go back to school and learn at an institution that is sometimes more challenging than a traditional college. And I am extremely proud of the fact that I had the courage not to accept only one way to accomplish my goal of earning a degree.</p> <p>I have many great memories as a student with WGU, from the amazement at how the college grew and developed by leaps and bounds, to how proud and impressed I was that the school really utilized our feedback to make changes and improvements.</p> <p>My most memorable moment though as a student would have to be the day I spoke with my business mentor, [Inaudible] about how close I actually was to graduating. See, in July of 2008, I had made a decision to put my career on hold to help my sister and her husband with their two toddler boys, Jordan and Devan. My nephew Jordan was diagnosed with autism at the age of two years old, and my sister was in fear of having to quit her job to care for her son. </p> <p>Daily I would participate in Jordan's therapies and care for my nephews. Although being a nanny is no small task, I continued to focus on running my business, and studying to complete my required objective and performance exams at WGU. All while never really realizing how close I was to finishing.</p> <p>During one of my meetings with [Inaudible] she and I reviewed my AAP, and it was at that very moment I realized I had endured this course. For I was only one exam away from graduating from college. The thoughts of waking across this stage to receive my degree came into mind as well as the thought that I'm almost 40 years old and had never actually graduated from anywhere.</p> <p>In closing, I would like to encourage you to always keep heart, courage, and knowledge with you on your journey, whatever your Oz may be. God bless you all, and again, congratulations. [Applause]</p>
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