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WGU Graduate Speaker, Latrivia Guinn

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WGU Graduate Speaker, Latrivia Guinn
Western Governors University
<p>WGU Graduate Latrivia Guinn spoke at the WGU Master's Commencement in Austin, Texas. Latrivia Guinn earned her Master of Science, Nursing - Education degree.</p> <p>Transcription of video:</p> <p>Dr. Steven E. Johnson: And now we have the real distinct privilege of hearing from two of you, two graduates. Joshua O'Nishea, Master of Science in Educational Leadership, and Latrivia Guinn, Master of Science in Nursing Education. Following their speeches, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Marni Baker Stein will confer your degrees. Please join me in welcoming the first to the lectern, Joshua. </p> <p>Latrivia Guinn: Good morning class of 2018. I am honored and humbled to stand before you with this opportunity to speak to our graduating class. I have always dreamed of speaking, encouraging others, and motivating others and now I get to do just that. I'm very outgoing and I love to talk, so when they said I only had three to four minutes to speak, I struggled trying to decide what I could say that would be impactful. </p> <p>I thought about discussing how I left home at the age of 14, dropped out of school at 16, got pregnant at the age of 17. Yes, I was on my way to becoming another statistic. But I decided I didn't want to continue down that path and started making some changes. </p> <p>I'm sure we can all relate in one way or another, some failure or mistake or just the mere fact someone spoke negativity into your life and how that actually made you feel. You can also look back and remember, regardless of what was said or done, something deep down inside of you wanted more and you decided to keep going, to get up, and try it again. </p> <p>Now, here I am, almost 40, married, a wife of 19 years with four children and a grandson. And I know what you're probably thinking, she doesn't look that old. [Chuckles] Yes, I am. I'm not that 18 year old, but I am thankful that I don't look like what I've been through. </p> <p>What I can tell you is despite my past, I decided to go back to school at the age of 30 and graduate in 2012 with my LPN, in 2013 with my RN, in 2015 with my bachelors, now here in 2018, just completed my masters. [Applause] </p> <p>And I am very excited. We all have made mistakes or had failures in our lives. But as I look around in this room with hundreds of people, I realize that one thing in common: We didn't quit. No matter the obstacles or the challenges we face. </p> <p>I just recently moved to Texas a year ago last month. I got here right in time for Hurricane Harvey. How many of you were affected by Harvey or know someone affected by it? It has impacted so many lives physically, financially, and even mentally. </p> <p>And while some of you may not have been affected by Harvey, I'm sure you have had to deal with some form of a hurricane in your life while completing your degree. It may have been the hurricane of divorce. The hurricane of death. It may have been some misfortune that affected you, that left you feeling hopeless, feeling like you want to quit and wondering if you can actually do this. </p> <p>One thing that I've learned about Texans is that they really do stick together. [Cheers] [Applause] I was so hopeful because everybody helped each other, and they helped rebuild. They didn't give up. And look at you, you didn't give up either. You did not stop. Despite the difficulties you faced, you made a choice to get up and keep moving. </p> <p>I mean, look at us, we kept going despite those task notifications saying "revision needed." [Chuckles] We have completed our share of Writing Center appointments. Oh, and let's not forget about our weekly calls with the student mentor. But I would like to say that I appreciate all the student and course mentors here at WGU. You have been a valuable support system in place to help us achieve our goals. [Applause] </p> <p>So as we thing about our future, we have accomplished something great: Our master degree. This is just the beginning. We have come far, but we have far to go. We are going out to face the big old world and we're going to leave our mark. Become that author, entrepreneur, COO, director, owner; we are writing our own stories. This degree certifies that we are competent, confident, and competitive. We will persevere. We are resilient. We do not give up. So, on the count of three, if we can all just give ourselves a round of applause because we, the class of 2018 just did that. One, two, three! [Applause] [cheers] </p>
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