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WGU Graduate Speaker, Meenu Arora, Summer 2009

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WGU Graduate Speaker, Meenu Arora, Summer 2009
Western Governors University
<p>Meenu Arora earned her Master of Business Administration, Health Care Management degree. On July 11, 2009 Arora was a graduate speaker at the Summer 2009 WGU Commencement. This WGU Commencement took place at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah.</p> <p>Transcription of video:</p> <p>Meenu Arora: Good morning, everyone. I would like to welcome you all to 2009 WGU Summer Commencement Ceremony. I am honored to speak today and have been looking forward to come today to celebrate such an important moment in our lives.</p> <p>WGU has played a key role in my life. I did my bachelor's in homeopathic medicine and surgery from India and worked as a physician in this alternative system of medicine a few years back. I was a gold medalist in homeopathic medicine and surgery, but when I came to the U.S., there was no licensing for this type of medicine.</p> <p>I went into teaching and always had a desire to get back into healthcare. As Jim Fox said, find a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. That's why I wanted to get back into the field I had originally chosen and loved. At the same time, I wanted to advance my degree. But with a fulltime job, it didn't look like I would be able to go to school.</p> <p>I searched for schools online and found out that Western Governors University not only provided the tools and the learning to excel, but the courses were affordable, accelerated, and above all, accredited. It is recognized as one of the top online schools in the country. WGU understood my need for education and my hectic schedule. It allowed me to do my job, further my education, and advance my career.</p> <p>The WGU degree has made a difference in my life. It has broadened my knowledge and literally changed my life. Now that I have finished my MBA in healthcare management, I am competent in the required fields. It has provided me with motivation and direction. I feel more confident. It made me an independent learner with self-determination. The ultimate focus on my competence has made me master the essential skills and knowledge in the fields of healthcare and business.</p> <p>I was a different person before I came to WGU two years ago. I have changed. WGU has made me think globally. The courses increased my skills of leadership, team building, and entrepreneurship. It has changed me by improving my analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills. The list is very long. It's all about the journey, and I have enjoyed the ride.</p> <p>In short, WGU has prepared me to thrive in today's dynamic and changing workplace. In addition, I have learned various lessons at WGU that have made me more self-reliant and competent. The assessments that I went through during my program were rigorous, and passing them made me feel like I truly mastered the material. I learned to be more self-sufficient. When studying the topics that I wasn’t familiar with, I found myself studying more in depth. After passing all the boulders in my path, I found that I had made it over a mountain.</p> <p>I was provided the competence to graduate, not just attend lectures. There has been no substantial hand holding. WGU tested me as a responsible adult. And for all those planning to attend college and for all those already have jobs but are looking for a better field, WGU's online education is just as good as a regular classroom setting. The university is accredited, and the quality of programs offered is great.</p> <p>The future I envision for me and my classmates is very bright. We have demonstrated competency by passing rigorous assessments, typically tests, projects, and portfolios that might yield skills as we move through our degree programs. However, let us keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final.</p> <p>WGU has prepared for challenges of business leadership and the complex job market of the 21st century. It has provided me with the ability to identify and implement a successful business strategy. It has also focused on the enhancement of my personal attributes, and it [Inaudible] to significantly develop my own career.</p> <p>I have a developed a collaborative rather than a competitive approach, and that has prepared me to be successful in our future business environment. WGU's competency-based model allowed me to accelerate and graduate sooner than expected. With the completion of my degree and the knowledge I gained throughout the process, several opportunities have and will continue to open up for me. I will soon be starting to reap the rewards of this degree and have a better future.</p> <p>I am so grateful to my husband and parents who were always there for me, as well as faculty mentors who have acted as my daily guide, friend, and primary point of contact within the university. I am very proud to say that I graduated from WGU. It allowed me to fit education into my life and increase my competencies. I would like to thank WGU for helping me to fulfill my dream.</p> <p>To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe. My deepest congratulations to the class of 2009 summer graduates. I wish you all luck, perseverance, and success in your life path. Thank you very much.</p> <p>[Applause]</p>
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